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August 15, 2006


Vicki in Michigan

I found your blog from tilt-a-whirl. Love your pics, love your writing. I'll be back.....

Vicki in Michigan

Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting. We do enjoy a lot of the same things! I love reading mysteries, too, but am not good at suspense, so I don't know if I'm "big enough" :-) for your books! MOre of a cozy girl, novel-wise....

I also love long low dogs -- I have my third corgi now, and a rescue mutt who is sort of beaglish....

I don't know how much I know about uploading pics to blogger -- when it's working properly, it's a piece of cake. As for formatting, I just keep adding in more and more blank lines after a pic to get the next text to come after the pic instead of beside it........

The transfers are made with clear plastic packing tape, rather than masking tape. The image transfers to the back (sticky side) of the tape, so you look through the front of the tape to see your image. I'm kinda wondering if scotch tape works... thinking of lots of narrow strips of image.....

Check out the images I posted yesterday. I'm chuffed (now you can tell I read a lot of English mysteries :-) ) with the one of Navy Pier (with the ferris wheel). The original is really basically all gray -- to see all that astonishing color appear when I shoved the saturation slider! Woohoo! :-)

Vicki in Michigan

I forgot to say -- I was surprised how many people found the cable-fix solution "too scary".... They seemed to think that if you cut a thread the whole thing will instantly unravel. I think steeks are scary -- once you've cut that many threads, you are really committed -- but to cut one thread, when you have more and more of the original, right there?

Ah well.

Different things scare different people, and that's for sure.

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